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My friends and I made this game in about a week as a final project for a month-long camp! Spark is a game in which the player is given free reign over their experience—playtime, places explored, actions completed. Rediscover wonder as a fallen firework trying to find its way back home in the sky.

Controls: WASD to move, 'I' to inspect, 'F' to add to inventory, and 'P' to pause.  Pan camera up and down using the mouse. 

Our primary goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing world that allowed for the player to simply enjoy their time there for as long as they wished. Unlike most adventure games which often put pressure and stress on their players, we aimed to convey a feeling of tranquility. This meant no fighting/enemies to reduce possible pressure placed on the player. Instead, we decided to give them control over their experience in order to achieve an ambient environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, and to create a safe space for the player to relax and release their inner child again. Additionally, limited guidance from prompts allows for further immersion and the feeling that they are truly in control of the game and their experience.

With more time, our game could be improved, but we think that we met most of the goals that we set. Sadly, we probably won't get to add all the features we wanted to because of time constraints and the physical distance between us. 

I hope you enjoy playing Spark. We had fun making it.

Background music composed by Nathan, calligraphy and 2D art by me, 3D models from various sources (and Christie and Nathan), moral support/entertainment by Navaneet and Pranav. Special thanks to Marcelo, Matthew, Hesi, and Alice. We quite literally could not have, and would not have, done this without you.


Spark.zip 43 MB


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